17.00 Opening of the conference

17:10 Work-life Balance Concept, Robin Turner, General Manager of Roche
Particular cultures differ in the amount of time spent working and in their perceptions about the necessity to be physically in an office to be productive. However, working hours do not seem to correlate with productivity or competitiveness. The topic of a work-life balance becomes gradually recognized as a driver of employee engagement and satisfaction – but are employers and employees taking advantage of new available options of organising work?

17:30 Suitable Working Place, Jiri Zavadil, Managing Director of Vitra Czech Republic
Working environment may have a significant influence on company performance and success. Vitra develops strategies and office concepts for global corporations and small start-ups from various business areas. The company has been monitoring the topic of working environment for more than 25 years and welcomes opportunities to share and discuss current trends.

17:50 Balanced Diet, Vratislav Janda, Corporate Affairs Director of Nestle Czech Republic and Slovakia
Promoting a balanced life style towards internal and external stakeholders is Nestle’s responsibility as the world’s largest Food & Beverage Company. Leading healthy lifestyle means healthy individuals and families, which is the only way to long-term sustainability from the viewpoint of both an employer and a producer.

18:10 Generation Y Changing the Workplace, Radka Pekelska, Chief Human Resources Officer at Moneta Money Bank
In the coming years, Gen Y (Millennials) will replace Gen X (Baby Boomers) in the workplace. Gen Y brings its own unique demands and comes to the negotiating table with unprecedented confidence about what kind of workplace they want. Smart companies should take this into account and react to changing conditions.

18:30 Discussion and networking


Robin Turner
General Manger of Roche CZ, is an Australian-British national who has worked in 8 countries on 3 continents. He has been able to create highly engaged teams (Great Places to Work and internal surveys) in the countries he has worked. A firm-believer in “work-life balance”, Robin tries to create an environment where his staff are motivated to work productively and thereby find the time needed for their private life. He also stresses the importance of having fun at work, saying that we spend too much time at work for it not to be enjoyable!

Vratislav Janda
Corporate Affairs Director of Nestle CZ/SK, has extensive experience from the state foreign service and the private sector. He graduated from the Law Faculty of Charles University with a Juris Doctor degree and studied journalism and international relations at various schools in Norway, Germany and Switzerland. In Nestle, he is responsible for all activities in the Czech Republic and Slovakia concerning corporate affairs and he is also a member of the Board.

Radka Pekelska
Chief Human Resources Officer at Moneta Money Bank, graduated from the Faculty of Economics and Administration and the Faculty of Transport Engineering of the University of Pardubice. She has a longterm experience with human resources management in international corporations. As an employee of the US company Babcock & Wilcox, she was responsible for implementing a control system to the Chvaletice power plant. Later, she worked 11 years for Tesco Stores CR where she spent 8 years on the position of Human Resources Director for the Czech Republic and Slovakia. She was also a member of the Board of Tesco CR and Tesco SR. Since 2010, Ms Pekelska has worked as Chief Human Resources Officer at GE Money Bank, later transformed into Moneta Money Bank.

Jiri Zavadil
Managing Director of the Czech, Slovak and Polish representation of the Swiss company Vitra, has worked on his current position since 2003. He studied engineering at the Technical University in Zvolen and graduated as MBA from the Open University in Prague. Mr Zavadil has been active in the furniture industry since 1993. Under his leadership, Vitra introduced to the Czech Republic and Slovakia the famous design exhibition Eames by Vitra or the iconic-products exhibition Classics that took place in Villa Tugendhat in Brno. In 2015, Vitra opened the topic of trade with illegal copies of design furniture and tried proactively to bring attention to this issue.

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